Johnnie Walker "Ode to Lesvos"

In 2016 — rough year for the world by any standard — Johnnie Walker decided shine the light on the best in humanity. Johnnie Walker has always been a brand that championed progress. Inspired us all to believe in a better tomorrow. So when hundreds of thousands of refugees arrived in a tiny greek village, we partnered with award-winning, Syrian director, Talal Derki, to tell the inspiring story of a few unlikely heroes. The film and the project was launched on World Peace Day, and what started as a humble documentary spurred massive global conversation. The film was viewed 54 million times. The Guardian picked up the story. Along with Doctors Without Borders, Mercy Corp, and the United Nations. The film was also shown at film festivals across Europe, including Agean Doc, where it was received with a standing ovation, and a request for an encore. It was Awarded Pencil at the D&AD 2017.

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