Gentleman's Wager II
Short film for Johnnie Walker Blue Label with Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini directed by Jake Scott.
Johnnie Walker The Character Series
The Have Character campaign for Johnnie Walker celebrates the bold flavour and chacracter of the iconic Black Label whisky, and the men and women who 'keep walkering'. With the help of LA-based artist Mattia Biagi and director Johan Renck, we covered an entire victorian room in black tar. Enjoy.
Reebok "Your Move"
Reebok's Your Move campaign was launched across Europe and Russia with this lovely spot, featuring famous, regular and alternative athletes taking their beloved games to the streets. A website encouraged other athletes to upload videos of themselves playing the games they love, and share them with the world. Several hundred videos were uploaded and shared. Below you'll find a couple. Director: Jake Schreier
Reebok Televison
REEBOK "MIGRATION" An epic migration towards a new season. One of the TV spots featuring the most NFL players ever seen in one spot. Director: Janusz Kaminski REEBOK "PRAYER FOR SNOW" Bears players and fans goes through a series of rituals to bring the snow to town. For Reebok's "0°" winter collection. Director: Camp David
NFL "American Family"
This is a celebration of American TV-culture. Loaded with old and new classics, it brings attention to the central role that the Super Bowl plays in bringing Americans together. Did I mention that it also got amazing post chatter and reviews? Well it did. But more importantly, people were discussing the changes made to each of their favorite clips all over the internet and by water coolers around the nation.
Don Julio "Love Don"
How do you reintroduce the original premium tequila, to a world that has been brainwashed to belive that Patron is the shizzzle? Well, take a look.
Dr. Maya Angelou, US Olympic Committee
Inspired by the Olympians and work done for the United States Olympic Committee. Dr. Maya Angelou wrote this beautiful poem. We were fortunate enough to film and edit this. It was shared online and shown before and during the Olympic coverage.
Captain Morgan "Calling All Captains"
After years of posing the question: "Got A Little Captain In You?" it was time for Captain Morgan to evolve their famous campaign. Yep, it was time to recognize all the unsung heroes of the livingrooms, bars, beaches and bedrooms and name them the Captains. Giving them each a unique Captain name. Soon the idea started to spread out into pop culture and several Captain namings was seen on sports broadcasts, in living rooms and off course across the web These are but a few of the 12 spots shot for this campaign. Director: Guy Shelmerdine.
Easy Jet (Ambient)
Stickers are placed strategically where people spend small change, putting into perspective, just how far you can get for next to nothing, when flying EasyJet. *Addy Winner.
Learning Leaders
This wonderful campaign "Making New York Smarter" was shot with real kids at a LES school. One of the most fun and endearing projects I've done so far. Learning Leaders is a organization that help teachers and kids in public schools.
Things I do when I'm not making ads or building bikes
what I spend my time doing when I'm not making ads or working hard on bicycles.
HADD (Hispanics Against Drunk Driving)
This campaign aimed to influence people right where they make their decisions about whether to drink or drive. Crime scene tape wrapped cars inside popular parking garages along Miami Beach’s busiest strip. Hands were stamped as usual on the way into popular drinking establishments. Valets placed these hanging permits on the rearview mirrors of cars before handing the keys over to their owners. *Silver Addy winner
NFL "Opus 2010"
In 2010 we shot 11 spots for the NFL using real fans from across the nation. An "Opus" - if you will - celebrating the fans emotional connection to the game. For the first time in recent years, all entities of the NFL was speaking with one voice. Director: Josh Taft
Wall Street Journal "Every Journey Needs a Journal"
The objective was to give an old stodgy newspaper a refresh, attracting new readers with varied interests. Making the news paper relevant to a more varied yet business savvy crowd. Photography by Platon