Meet the 2 new prototype wonders from Me & Bob. Made from vintage Italian racing frames. A little sandblasting and a handful of 24k gold leaf to cover lugs and other stuff. This is probably something you never thought of, so there, Bob the Engineer and Bob the Inventor did it for you. In and incredible effort, the two Bobs merged classic vintage and new into something even sexier. It’s a little like Sophie Lauren in a gold bikini driving a Bugatti Veyron with wooden rims. Hooray! So, — if Coppi, Fiorelli, Ciocc, Gazelle Campagnollo, Suegno and Falcon sounds familiar. If you prefer Paris–Roubaix over Tour de France. If you dare ride wooden rims and can appreciate the idea of handmade tires. If you'd take a Pims Cup over PBR - well then my compatriot you might just be ready for one of these babies. Available June 2011. Estimated prices range from $3,000-$4,000
Dutch National Opera "You Don't Know Opera". A beautiful film the hit Nowness.
Cop 21 and Klimatparade "Feeling The Heat"

For T-Mobile Netherlands we created about 11 live commercials shot over 4G. Fun little PR project broadcasted live across several channels. And yes, they happened in Dutch.
Stuff :-)
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